The constant growing of the SMI Group is the outcome of a strong dedication to innovation and the continuous search for new opportunities and solutions. Its engaging story tells about people with their own aptitude, pooled by the passion for the perpetual enhancement of the products and their own skills. Somebody is always travelling, away from home and close to customers. Somebody keeps in the premises, dividing their time among offices, workshops and meetings.

What are we talking about? We are talking about new markets, outside Italy, which we have been focusing on for more than 25 years.  That's why nowadays our export covers the 98% of our turnover. We are talking about new machines, installations, services. Every year something different, every five years something completely new. In 1987 we did the same thing for everybody. Today we supply the biggest food & beverage corporations but we are able to satisfy also the demands of emergent businesses. To do so, we compete against the greatest leaders worldwide of our sector.


We are talking about new people every day. Not only do we talk about new co-workers joining us after intensive study: new is everybody every day while handling their activities, while glimpsing the world's potentiality, while interacting with a colleague or listening to a customer. That's why we speak 9 foreign languages in our premises.

That's why we believe in education and keep in touch with every local institute and training center and with the major universities of Lombardy.  We offer personalized work-linked trainings for about 50 people every year. That's why we do not stop our educational path; instead, we participate in more than 3,000 training hours every year including technical trainings, rules, softwares and cross-curricular competency. We commit ourselves in lifelong learning, because personal growth and proficiency are an inseparable whole.


We are waiting for you in our headquarters surrounded by the Bergamasque Prealps, in Val Brembana, 30 minutes away from Bergamo. Here we design and utterly manufacture our products. Here we manage tasks and functions that many other companies outsource. Here is where a large range of new high school and university graduates express their skills; the diverse expertise involved enables the circulation of know-how among everybody.

If you consider yourself proactive and resourceful, you speak more than one foreign language and are aware of the baggage you can put into practice thanks to your study and experiences, if you are ready to cooperate with skilled co-workers, attend training  courses and start your journey into SMI world... send us your CV!