HELC - filling system by level for carbonated products

HELC - Sistema di riempimento a livello per prodotti gasati - HELC - filling system by level for carbonated products

The filling machines of the renewed HELC series, manufactured according to the new HYPER CLEAN characteristics, are suitable for the LEVEL filling of CARBONATED products in PET and GLASS bottles.

HELC fillers are characterized by:

  • electro-pneumatic filling valve (pneumatic valves activated by solenoid valves) for gravity level filling;
  • automation of all filling functions: pre-evacuation, bottle pressurization, filling, self-leveling;
  • suitable for filling both carbonated and flat products;
  • in the beer version it is configurable with double pre-evacuation of oxygen from the bottle before filling. This option allows you to almost completely eliminate the oxygen inside the bottle before filling and thus extend the shelf life of the product.

The machine is complete, in the basic version, also with the following features:

  • 7” HMI (15” HMI available as an optional);
  • Parameters of each format to be directly managed through HMI;
  • Quick changeover of the bottle guide equipment;
  • Compact frame for space saving in the filling line and reduced transport costs;
  • Dummy bottles included in the price of the machine, with manual positioning.

Available in various sizes to cover a wide range of production, the machines of the HELC series are available either in the filler/capper version or in the rinser/filler/capper one.



SPEED (bph)


Sparkling water

1.000 – 29.000

0.33 lt


1.000 – 24.000

0.33 lt


1.000 – 11.900

0.33 lt



Bottles capacity

0.2 lt ÷ 2 lt

Production speed

1.000 ÷ 30.000 bph

Filling valves

5 ÷ 50

Workable caps

Plastic screw cap – ROPP cap – Crown cap

Workable bottle diameter

44  ÷120 mm

Workable bottle height

160 ÷ 340 mm

Bottle handling

Neck Handling – Bottom Handling

Operator panel

 Touch screen 7"






  • Modular structure which can be customized;
  • Compact filling module which minimizes the number of stars for bottle handling, while ensuring an easy access for maintenance and cleaning;
  • Modular framework which allows optimization of the shipping dimensions, cutting the transport costs and making the machine suitable for standard road transport;
  • Low operating and maintenance costs;
  • Low risk of contamination, high level of hygiene;
  • Excellent price performance ratio.

Standard accessories

Each EVF/EMF machine is provided with:

  • Independent movement of the machine axes through ICOS brushless motors with integrated control. Each motors parameter can be checked through HMI;
  • Guarding in tempered glass;
  • Dummy bottles installed in proximity to each filling valve;
  • 7” HMI (Human Machine Interface) touch screen, supplied by SMITEC;
  • Pre-programmed recipes, enabling quick changeover at a software level;
  • Quick bottle changeover parts;
  • Flow-meter installed in proximity to the filling valve;
  • Easily serviceable filling valve, completely made in AISI 316;
  • Electronic Filling system;
  • Automatic cleaning phases (CIP).


Available on request, it is possible to install on ENOBERG’s EVF/EMF machine:

  • Upper covering;
  • Laminar flow to create an overpressure in the working environment and to prevent penetration of micro foreign objects in the machine;
  • Sterile air blowing from the body of the filling valve during the filling;
  • Automatic positioning dummy bottles;
  • Components in contact with the product in AISI 316;
  • Centrifugal caps sorter located outside the machine at the bottom, easily accessible for inspections and controls.