New Hyper Clean fillers

New Hyper Clean fillers - New Hyper Clean fillers

Cleanliness, stability and simplicity as strengths for our fillers.

Thanks to Enoberg's thirty years of experience in the construction of filling machines, we have designed an innovative and cutting-edge series of machines, set to become a reference point in the bottling sector.

The new HYPER CLEAN series offers as strengths:

  • high level of hygiene;
  • ease of use and maintenance;
  • reliability and structural solidity.

The machine structure is made with the following characteristics:

frame made of AISI 304 stainless steel, without iron parts;

  • small size suitable for transporting the machine in High Cube container (for most models);
  • fully welded frame;
  • total and complete insulation of the filling environment;
  • rotation of the carousels guaranteed thanks to a slewing bearing and gears, to guarantee perfect synchronism in every occasion.

The high level of hygiene is obtained thanks to:

  • inclined base plate to allow the constant drainage of liquids outside the filling environment;
  • separation between wet collectors (filling product and washing solution), located in the lower part of the structure, and electrical and pneumatic inlets, located in the upper part;
  • electrical and pneumatic components insulated in special sealed boxes;
  • reduction of possible contamination (e.g. reduction of gaskets inside the filling valve);
  • dedicated terminal part of filling valve for each product to be filled.

The new machines also have the advantage of:

  • reducing the dimensions in the bottling line, thanks to the increasingly compact layouts;
  • facilitating unloading and positioning in line, thanks to the solid structure;
  • reducing maintenance times and costs, thanks to the new construction features.