ELC - Electro-pneumatic counter-pressure level filling system

ELC 12-12-1 B - ELC - Electro-pneumatic counter-pressure level filling system for carbonated product

ENOBERG’s ELC series is the ideal machine to bottle carbonated products, both in PET and in GLASS containers for low speed (up to 2500 bph).

Suitable for filling products such as sparkling water, carbonated soft drinks and beer, it adopts innovative solutions. It is user-friendly and easily serviceable.

The heart of the machine is the electro-pneumatic filling valve (pneumatic valve propelled by electro-valve) for gravity level filling.

The electro-pneumatic valve, entirely designed by Enoberg, facilitates the automation of all the filling functions: pre-evacuation, bottle pressurization, filling, auto-leveling.

The beer version of the machine is configurable with a device intended to be used to perform an oxygen double pre-evacuation in the bottle before starting the filling phase; thanks to this optional device, the oxygen in the bottle is almost completely removed, in order to guarantee a longer shelf life to the beer, and to ensure its original taste.

Furthermore, the basic version is equipped with other technologically advanced solutions, such as:

  • 7" HMI (Human Machine Interface);

  • Independent setting of each electro-pneumatic valve by means of HMI;

  • Independent movement of the machine axes through ICOS brushless motors with integrated control, in order to guarantee a perfect synchronism between the stars and low noise during the functioning;

  • Diagnosis of motor operating conditions through HMI;

  • Quick bottle changeover parts and pre-programmed recipes, enabling a quick changeover at a software level;

  • Dummy bottles to be positioned in a quick and easy way.

ENOBERG’s ELC machine can be fully cleaned thanks to the dummy bottles and to the piping system designed for recovering or recycling, depending on the needs, the washing solutions and for sanitizing the in- and counter-current flow.



  • Compact filling module which minimizes the number of stars for bottle handling, while ensuring an easy access for maintenance and cleaning;
  • Compact framework which allows optimization of the shipping dimensions, cutting the transport costs and making the machine suitable for standard road transport;
  • Low operating and maintenance costs;
  • Low risk of contamination, high level of hygiene;
  • Excellent price performance ratio.

Standard accessories

Each ELC machine is provided with:

  • Independent movement of the machine axes through ICOS brushless motors with integrated control. Each motors parameter can be checked through HMI;
  • Guarding in tempered glass;
  • Dummy bottles cleaning in closed loop water circuits;
  • 7" HMI (Human Machine Interface) touch screen;
  • Pre-programmed recipes, to have a quick changeover at software level;
  • Quick bottle changeover parts;
  • Electro-pneumatic filling system;
  • Automatic setting of the machine carousels;
  • Possibility to fill both carbonated and flat products;
  • Automatic cleaning phases (CIP).


Available on request, it is possible to install on ENOBERG’s ELC machine:

  • Upper covering;
  • Laminar flow to create an overpressure in the working environment and to prevent penetration of micro foreign objects in the machine;
  • Components in contact with the products in AISI 316;

Optional for beer version

  • Vacuum generation system by means of liquid ring pump, performing an oxygen double pre-evacuation before the filling;
  • High-pressure hot water skimmer, in order to maintain a reduced oxygen pick-up.